The Pearl and The Bud

In a puff of white smoke, I saw you, with a smile on your face you saw me, our eyes met and greeted, while my nose was taking in the smoke your mouth created. You open your mouth again and this time, you talk, you talk about your wishes, you talk about your monsters, and still you want to talk more. My ears still hooked onto your voice, and when you stopped to take in a puff, all I could hear was I could hear no more! My mouth started opening to talk with your ears, all along you listened to me with rapt attention as if I was telling you a story from a far away land. In a way, it was a fairy tale, and what happens in most is what had happened to me, for I fell in love with you and my heart started to talk with my brain. I don’t know what happened to you, but you didn’t realise that you have maxed out your smoke, talking with me you found solace you haven’t discovered in a while as you said and it is evident with your feet extinguishing the smoke when I wasn’t feeling well. You looked at me and smiled, and asked me if I was OK, I was overjoyed, and I continued with my story. In the end, unlike other fairy tales, the dragon defeats the prince, and you look at me with a frown. Did I make a fool out of myself, did I become a clown? You asked me why does the dragon win? I say the dragon is time which is stopping the prince for a liaison with his princess. And the clock struck 12; Cinderella had to leave. We haven’t told our names yet so she is my princess and I’m her prince. It was all so dreamy as she looked me in my eye and said but what if there was no dragon, she held my hand, and the dragon vanished, time had stopped. It was our conversation which continued for ages to come giving lovers a solitude; they wished for some. We fell in love in a conversation, and she asked what if there was some magic that helped the prince. It was love; it was something for us to think about. We thought and shared and brought out the magic, for there is always magic if you believe! And a smile appeared on my face; the prince met his princess; the dragon was slain by the princess. Unconventional though it was, it seemed to be a perfect setting for I had my first kiss at the break of dawn and then it dawned, we both were lost in each other that we found ourself back. She threw her cigarettes; I threw my beer. The intoxication was on a different level, something beer and a cigarette couldn’t hold! I held her in my arms, and she rejoiced. Tears flowed down as we watched the sun come out. Out of its shell where it hides all night to greet us with a bright and sunny face of light. I wondered what steered us to make that conversation, and then I remembered I was in my shell, and she was in hers and when we greeted each other by coming out we could break away from that shell, never to go inside! The world is my oyster, and she was my pearl. The world is her coconut, and I was her bud. As we joined our hands and walked down the streets, we witnessed the sun go down to its shell, and laughed. But then we saw the moon and stood in awe, for one can’t look at the sun, but one can look at the moon and wonder. We lay down there, lying on the wet grass as we witnessed twinkling stars. And still, a handful of them they weren’t as bright as the sun, so I get up and put my hand forward. I give you the universe in me where the sun always keeps shining bright! And she took it and said I give you my moon and stars, light them up when the sun goes down at night!

She was not my princess, and I was not her prince, and we both looked into each other and smiled, we shared silence; we shared love, yet we didn’t share our names, for she was my pearl and I was her bud!


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  1. Tarunya says:

    So touching. This made me cry…. Thank you for this!


    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation! It means a lot! :’)


  2. Tarunya says:

    Reblogged this on The life and commented:
    One of the best poems I’ve ever read.


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